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Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs

Sam the Sham & The Pharohs were a house rock band from Memphis, TN. Formed in 1963 they'd achieve chart topping success with their debut album, with some of their songs becoming pieces of iconic pop culture. They'd tour and create music until 1967 when the band members would go their separate ways. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)


Santana is a latin rock band from San Francisco, CA. Formed in 1966 by renowned guitarist Carlos Santa, they'd rise to fame following their performance at the original Woodstock music festival. They'd release some iconic albums over the years, and while they've been on and off again the band still gets together to perform live and create new music from time to time. ... (Their full Wikipedia)

Save Ferris

Save Ferris is a ska-punk band from Orange County, CA. Formed in 1995 as a group of band members of bands that had just dissolved, they'd become a local favorite frequently being featured on college rock stations. They'd gain national fame with the release of their first studio album. The band would go through a number of lineup changes over the years, and a few extend breaks. Though they have release music and toured as recent as 2017. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

Secret Colours

Secret Colours is an indie alternative rock band from Chicago, IL. Formed in 2010 the bands eclectic blend of late 90's early 00's sound would lead them to develop a cult following over the years. They continue to tour, and make new music to this date.


Semisonic is a alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Formed in 1995 their second album release would propel them to the top of the US charts. Their subsequent albums would go onto gain them an international following. The band hasn't release a new album since 2001, but does occasionally perform live.  ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

The Sherman Brothers

The Sherman Brothers were an songwriting duo that specialized in musical films. They were Robert B. Sherman, and Richard M. Sherman. They'd become widely known for their contribution to iconic Disney movie classics. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

The Shins

The Shins is a indie rock band from Albuquerque, NM. In 1996 the band was started by James Mercer, who's been the only constant member over the years. They'd develop a devoted cult following, and have been featured in pop-culture events (TV/Movies). Though there have been a number of lineup changes the band does continue to tour on occasion. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)


Showoff is a pop-punk band from Chicago, IL. Formed in 1998, they'd gain some chart success but would never strike it big in the billboard charts. The band did become known for their live performances, and develop a loyal cult following. They continue to play the occasional live show, and have released new music as recently as 2017. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)


Skegss are a surf and garage rock band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. Formed in 2014 the trio would go develop a loyal local following leading to the release of their first album in 2018. The Skegss have become a favorite in their home country of Australia, and have developed an international cult fan-base. .... (Their Full Wikipedia)

The Skels

The Skels are a bar rock band from Hoboken, NJ. Formed in 1995 the band became known for the loud and rowdy live performances quickly becoming a local favorite to see. The band would go onto release a few studio albums, and tour in support of a number of major acts. While they have not achieved any chart success they have developed a loyal cult following through the years.

Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth is an alternative rock band from San Jose, CA. Formed in 1994 the band developed a ska-punk sound for the first band, before later turning to a power-pop style of rock. They'd rise to international fame with the release of their second album, and from movies to TV shows have been featured in numerous iconic pieces of pop culture. The band has had a changing lineup over the years, but still continues to tour to this date. ... (Their full Wikipedia)

Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins are an alternative rock band from Chicago, IL. Formed in 1988 the band would develop over the years to evolve their sound to what we know today. They'd break out with their second album Siamese dream and go onto major international success with their second album. The band has gone through some lineup changes over the years, and an extended hiatus but continue to tour and create new music. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

Son Seals

Son Seals was an electric blues guitarist and singer from Osceola, Arkansas. He'd get his start professionally in 1959 playing bars and clubs in the local area. Though he wouldn't become well known until he moved to Chicago in 1971 where he'd be signed to a record deal and go onto release a number of blues albums. He'd perform professionally until his death in 2004. ... (His Full Wikipedia)

Soul Coughing

Soul Coughing was an alternative rock/hip-hop band from New York City, NY. Formed in 1992 the band would go onto release 3 studio albums, and while they had some moderate commercial success would develop a devote fandom that loves their unique style of music. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)


Soundgarden is a grunge band from Seattle, WA. Formed in 1984 they would go through lineup changes, and develop their sound over the years before their break into the mainstream success with the grunge wave of music in the mid-90's. They'd disband and reform over the years, and would continue to tour and create new music up until the death of Chris Cornell their lead signer, and song writer. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)


Sponge is an alternative rock band from Detroit, MI, Formed in 1992 they gain mainstream success with a single on their first album, and tour extensively in support of there releases. While they've had an extended pause they've released nine studio albums, and continue to tour to this date. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)


Squeeze is a new wave band from London, England. Originally formed in 1974 the band would undergo a couple of extended hiatuses, and lineup changes but still continue to perform the occasional live show. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

Squirrel Nut Zippers

Squirrel Nut Zippers is an modern swing and jazz band from Chapel Hill, NC. Formed in 1993 the band would gain popularity during the modern swing revival of the late 90's. Over the years the band has gone thru some pauses, and line-up changes but does continue to tour and occasionally drop new music. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

St. Vincent

St. Vincent is the stage name of Anne Clark a singer, musician, and songwriter from Tulsa, OK. She'd get her start professionally in 2003 and would quickly become an underground and college rock station sensation. Being hailed critically and by those in the industry she'd develop her solo career, and gain mainstream success while winning a number of industry awards. She continues to tour and create new music to this date. ... (Her Full Wikipedia)

Streetlight Manifesto

Streetlight Manifesto is a ska punk band from New Brunswick, NJ. Formed in 2002 the band would go onto release 5 studio albums, and while they never achieved much mainstream success have developed a loyal cult following. Building a reputation for their incredible live performances the band continues to tour, and rumors of a new album coming soon are abound. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

Stone Temple Pilots

The Strokes are an alternative band from New York City, NY. Formed in 1998 the band would go onto dedicate themselves to their craft, and performing the local area. They'd go onto release their first studio album that would propel them to international fame. While there is a while between albums the band does continue to create new music, and perform live to this date. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

The Strokes

The Browns were an American country and folk music vocal trio formed in 1954. They are best known for their 1959 Grammy-nominated hit, "The Three Bells". In 2015 they were inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame. ... (Their full Wikipedia)


Sublime was a ska-punk band from Long Beach, CA. Formed in 1988 they'd become a widely popular club favorite throughout Southern California. They'd eventually release an album on their own record label that would go onto generate them an even stronger Southern California presence. The groups second album would propel them to national fame but would not be able to continue as the lead singer and song writer Bradley Nowell died shortly before it's release. ... (Their full Wikipedia)

Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray is a alternative funk metal band from Newport Beach, CA. The band would rise to fame in the late 90's, and would also lead to a shift in tone change to a more mainstream alternative sound. The band does continue to perform live, and occasionally releases some new music. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)


The Supersuckers are a Cowpunk hard rock band from Tuscon, AZ. Formed in 1988 they'd go onto release 12 studio albums, and while they have never achieved billboard success they enjoy a very strong loyal following and continue to perform live. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)

System Of A Down

System of a Down is heavy metal band from Glendale, CA. Formed in 1994 the band would perform live shows throughout California, before becoming signed to their first record deal. The band would rise to national fame with the debut album, and tour extensively. The band would release 5 studio albums and generate a large fan-base before an extended hiatus. The band is still technically together and performs the occasional live show. ... (Their Full Wikipedia)