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ThE hERd

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The Pac-Men

About the Artist

The Pac-Men were a hardcore punk band from Danbury, CT. Formed in 1998 the band would become know for their high energy shows and develop a local cult following, They’d go on to release 3 studio albums, and host an annual Mrs. Pac-man competition before disbanding in 2002.

Paul Gonsalves

About the Artist

Paul Gonsalves was a jazz tenor saxophonist, and band leader from Brockton, MA. He’d get his start professionally in 1938 from there he would go on to perform with a number of highly respected artists, but is perhaps best known for his association with Duke Ellington. … (His Full Wikipedia)

Paul Westerburg

About the Artist

Paul Harold is a songwriting vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist from Minneapolis, MN. He’d get his start professionally in 1971 and would become well known for his role with the band ‘The Replacements’. From there he would go onto start his solo career in the 90’s, and he continues to create new music and perform with different acts to this date. … (His Full Wikipedia)

Pearl Jam

About the Artist

Pearl Jam is a alternative rock band from Seattle, WA, in 1990. The band rose to prominence in the early 90’s as part of the rise of the Grunge music genre. They would go on to gain international fame, and massive chart success. They continue to perform to this date. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Penny Eau

About the Artist

Penny Eau is a singer, songwriting, multi-instrumentalist from St. Louis, MO. Getting her start in 2022 she would release a number of independently released singles. She has been performing live shows with a band in her local area, and continues to produce new music. Check out the links provided to check out her catalogue.

The Pietasters

About the Artist

The Pietasters are ska band from Washington, D.C. Formed in 1990 they’d start out as mostly a touring band, and would develop a devoted cult follow. They’d go onto release 5 studio albums, and while they have not released new music since 2007 they do continue to perform live. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Pixies is a alternative rock band from Boston, MA. Formed in 1986 the band would go on to develop an extremely loyal follow, and become a one of the most influential bands of their time. They disbanded in 1993 but reunited in 2004 and while the bassist changed they continue to create new music and tour to this date. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Porno For Pyros

About the Artist

Porno for Pyros is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 1992 after the break-up of Jane’s Addiction. The band would go on to release two albums before their disbanding, and would enjoy some charting success. While they haven’t done much together under the Porno For Pyros  band name they do occasionally perform live. …. (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Portishead is a tri-hop alternative band from Bristol, England. Formed in 1991 the band would achieve initial success with their debut album, before falling off the map prior to the release of their second album. This trend has continued for most of the bands existence with a number of extended hiatuses, they are not official disbanded and do play an occasional live show from time to time. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

The Presidents Of The United States Of America

About the Artist

The Presidents of the United States of America were an alternative rock band from Seattle, WA. Formed in 1993 as a ‘power trio’ they’d gain international fame with their debut album thanks to the singles “Lump” and “Peaches”. The band did reform for a while during the mid-2000’s, but announced their disbanding in 2015.
(Their Full Wikipedia)

The Pretty Reckless

About the Artist

The Pretty Reckless is a hard  rock band from New York City, NY. Formed in 2009 they’d go onto release a single that year that would lead to a full album in 2010. The band would gain chart success with their second album release, and have continued the momentum from there. The band continues to tour and create new music. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Primus is an alternative funk-metal band from El Sobrante, CA. Originally formed in 1984 they’d break into mainstream success in the early 90’s. Going on to tour with big headliners of the time. They’d carve their own nitche in the music industry, and develop into a major act in their own right. The band has taken breaks over the years for the members to pursue other projects, but they do continue to perform live as a group and even work on new music. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Psychostick is a comedy metal band from Tempe, AZ. Formed in 2000 they are known for their comical song subject mater and humerus lyrics. Their musical style is referred to by themselves “humorcore”, they continue to perform live and create new music. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Pushmonkey is an alternative rock band from Austin, TX. Formed in 1994 they’d go onto some radio success with their self titled album release. They’d go onto be featured in some pop-culture as well as tour with Ozzfest and perform at Woodstock ’99. … (Their Full Wikipedia)