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ThE hERd

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10 Cents

About the Artist

10 Cents is a hip-pop band from Silverlake, CA. Formed in 1995 the band would be come favorites at local bars and clubs releasing an independent album in 1996. The band would catch the attention of music producers who’d just built a studio in the area, that would lead to them recording their second album in 1999. They’d tour and perform live shows, but would disband during the year 2000.
(Their Full Wikipedia)

3 Doors Down

About the Artist

3 Doors Down are an alternative rock band from Escatawpa, MS. Formed in 1996 they’d go onto mainstream success with the release of their debut album. Growing a large and devoted fan-base over the years. They haven’t done much since 2018, but new music is rumored. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

311 is an alternative rock band from Omaha, NE. Formed in 1988 the band would gain mainstream success in the mid 90’s charting a number of hits. Over the years they’ve gone onto release 13 studio albums, and while they are still performing live new music and future performances remain uncertain. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

4 Non Blondes

About the Artist

4 Non Blondes were an alternative rock band from San Francisco, CA. Formed in 1989 the band would get their start becoming favorites at local bars. The band would find chart success with their lone album release, as the band would break up not long after the release of the album. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

50 Cent

About the Artist

50 Cent is a rapper, and actor from Queens, NY. Getting his start professionally in 1996 he’d go through some rough formative years, and it wouldn’t be until the early 2000’s when he’d find mainstream success. He’d go onto release 5 studio albums, and have a storied career. While he hasn’t released new music since 2014 he has stayed active in the entertainment industry. … (His Full Wikipedia)