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Nada Surf

About the Artist

Nada Surf is an alternative rock back from New York City, NY. Formed in 1992 the band would go onto release their first major studio album in 1995 to massive alternative chart success. Following a tumultuous recording of their follow album the band would go on to form their own record label. The band has continued to tour and release new music over the years. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Najee is a Smooth Jazz saxophonist and flautist from Queens, NY. He’d get his professional start in 1986 after finishing at the New England Conservatory touring with popular acts of the time. He’d eventually go on to start his own successful solo career, and record with a number of popular artists. … (His Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

NAS is a rapper, and lyricist from Brooklyn, NY. He’d get his start in 1991 and go onto achieve world wide notoriety in 1994 with the release of ‘Illmatic’. He’d go onto become regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time. … (His Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Nickelback is a hard rock band from Hanna, Alberta, Canada. Formed in 1995 that rose to worldwide fame in the early 2000’s. They’ve gone on to become one of the top selling Canadian artists of all time, and continue to create new music and tour today. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Nuno Bettencourt is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Praia da Vitória, Portugal. He’d get his start professionally in 195 and become known as the lead guitarist of the Boston rock band Extreme. From there he would go onto record a few solo albums. Over the years he has remained active in music, and helped form a number of different bands. … (His Full Wikipedia)