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ThE hERd

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Lake Street Dive

About the Artist

Lake Street Dive is a indie-pop band from Boston, MA. Formed in 2004 at the New England Conservatory of Music over the years they have developed a devoted fan base. And while the original lineup is no longer together they continue to create new music and tour. … (Their full Wikipedia)

Larry Young

About the Artist

Larry Young was a jazz organist from Newark, NJ. He began to record professionally in 1960 and would play a variety of genres. In 1965 he would be signed by Blue Note recording company and would go onto record his most well known jazz work.
(His full Wikipedia)

Lenny Kravitz

About the Artist

Lenny Kravitz is a singer-songwriter, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, and actor from New York, NY. He got his start professionally in 1981 but would not receive his break until 1989 with the release of his studio album. From there he would go onto have a very successful career charting numerous songs, and winning a number of industry awards. … (His Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Limp was a pop punk band from San Francisco, CA. Formed in 1994 their music featured elements of both rock and ska. They’d go on to release 3 albums before their disbanding in 2002. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Lit is a alternative rock band formed in 1988 in Orange County, California. The band went through a few name changes before landing on the name Lit. Shortly after the final name change they would put out their self titled album that would chart them success.  They continue to tour and create new music to this date. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Live is an alternative rock band from York, PA. Formed in 1984 they’d go thru a number of different band names before landing on Live in 1991. Their second album released on the heels of a showing at Woodstock ’94 would go on chart a number of singles, and from there the band would become a household name in the ’90’s. The continue to tour to this date. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Local H

About the Artist

Local is a two member alternative band from Zion, IL. Formed in 1990 they’d become known in the alt music community for their single ‘Bound for the floor’. While the lineup has changed over the years the band continues to put out new music and tour.  … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Local Natives

About the Artist

Local Natives is an indie rock band from Silver Lake, CA. Formed in 2005 the band has gone on to release four studio albums to this point, and continue to perform live and create new music. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Luscious Jackson

About the Artist

Luscious Jackson is an alternative band formed in 1991. The band’s name is a reference to a former basketball player. Their style blends elements of rap and rock, their sound has been said to be of the tri-hop genre. The band has not officially disbanded but has not done anything publicly since 2017. … (Their Full Wikipedia)