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About the Artist

Jamiroquai are a funk acid jazz band from London, England. Formed in 1992 their unique sound and style helped make them a force in the early 90’s acid jazz movement in England. Over the years they’ve gone through several line-up changes, but continue to tour and create new music with their last album being released in 2017. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Jammie Lunceford

About the Artist

James Melvin Lunceford  was a jazz alto saxophonist and bandleader during the swing era. He started his professional career in 1929 when the High School band he directed took on the name ‘Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra’. He’d go on to lead bands across the nation in countless venues. … (His full Wikipedia)

Jane's Addiction

About the Artist

Jane’s Addiction is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 1985 they rose in fame during the early 90’s to become one of the first alternative bands to gain mainstream success. They have been on  and off again over the years. They are currently on and touring. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

The Jerky Boys

About the Artist

The Jerky Boys are a comedy duo act from Queens, New York. Formed in 1989 their routine consists of prank telephone calls and other related skits. Following a 19-year hiatus after the 2001 one of the members Brennan released a follow-up album of new material in November 2020. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Jerry Cantrell

About the Artist

Jerry Cantrell is a guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is best known as the founder of the rock band Alice in Chains. In 1996 he would start a solo career separate from AIC releasing a few songs over the years before releasing is first solo album in 1998. … (His Full Wikipedia)

Jesus H Christ and The Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse

About the Artist

Jesus H. Christ and the Four Hornsmen of the Apocalypse is a power pop band from New York City, NY. Formed in 2003 the band is an eight-piece band that’s known for their humorous, adult-oriented lyrics. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Jet was a hard rock band from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Formed in in 2001 the group would go on to achieve worldwide notoriety releasing 3 albums during their formation. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Jim Carrey

About the Artist

Jim Carrey is a actor, comedian, artist, and singer. Known for his energetic slapstick performances, he got his start at a young age being driven to comedy clubs by his father in Toronto. He would go on to gain popularity due to his role on the hit sketch comedy show ‘In Living Color’, before performing in a number of comedy movies that are now considered to be classics. While not many know of his career as a vocalist his unique styling have even been utilized by the legendary George Martin. … (His Full Wikipedia)

Jim Croce

About the Artist

Jim Croce was a folk and rock singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. During his career he released five studio albums that charted numerous singles with only one reaching number one. His death in a plane crash cut his budding career short. … (His Full Wikipedia)

Jimi Hendrix

About the Artist

Jimi Hendrix was a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Seattle, WA. He got his start professionally in 1964 performing with various artists such as Isley Brothers, and Little Richard. He’d eventually break out with the band ‘The Jimi Hendrix Experience’, and the rest as they say is history. He’s widely regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists of all time. … (His Full Wikipedia)

Jimmy Buffett

About the Artist

Jimmy Buffett is a singer-songwriter, musician, author, actor, and businessman from Pascagoula, MS. He got his start in the country music genre in 1964. While struggling to make ends meet he began to play for drinks and tips at a bar, from this he began to develop his now iconic sound which includes hit songs like “Margaritaville” and “Come Monday”.
(His Full Wikipedia)

The Jimmy Castor Bunch

About the Artist

The Jimmy Castor Bunch was a funk, soul band formed in 1972. The band featured a number of talented musicians from a number of different groups, lead by Jimmy Castor. Their songs contained a number of different musical elements and genres, with lyrics that were often comical.

John Coltrane

About the Artist

John Coltrane was a jazz saxophonist, bandleader and composer from Hamlet, NC. He got his start following his military career in 1946 using his GI bill to enroll in a school for music. He’d go onto a storied career, and is considered one of the most influential musicians in jazz. … (His Full Wikipedia)

Johnny Socko

About the Artist

Johnny Socko was a ska band formed in Bloomington, IN. in 1990. Releasing 5 full albums, they were known for touring heavily. Performing over 2,000 shows over the bands 13 years of being together. … (Their full Wikipedia)