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ThE hERd

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About the Artist

IAMDYNAMITE is an alt rock duo from Ann Arbor, MI. Formed in 2011. To date they have released two albums, and have been touring extensively across North America, and Europe. They continue to record new music to this date. … (More About The Band)

Iggy Pop

About the Artist

Iggy Pop is a singer, musician, songwriter and actor from Ann Arbor, MI. He got his start playing in the blues music scene during the 1960’s, but formed the Stooges in 1968 after being inspired by seeing ‘The Doors’ live in concert. Gaining a reputation for his on stage antics, he eventually spun off onto a very successful solo career.
(His Full Wikipedia)

Illinois Jacket

About the Artist

Jean-Baptiste “Illinois” Jacquet was a jazz tenor saxophonist from Broussard, LA. He got his start in 1941 and would go on to have a storied career. He is  recognized as the first R&B saxophone, and was one of a few musicians who played the bassoon in Jazz. … (His Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

illPHONiCS is a fusion hip hop group from Saint Louis, MO. Formed in 2006 the instrumental blend with flowing lyrics have made this 5 piece hip hop band a local area favorite. They’ve released a number of albums, and continue to make new music and tour to this date.

Imagine Dragons

About the Artist

Imagine Dragons is an alterntaive rock band from Las Vegas, NV. Formed in 2008 their debut album was a smash hit set records from number of weeks in the top 100 for their year, and from there they went on to become one of the best known new pop rock bands of the 2000-teens. … (Their Full Wikipedia)


About the Artist

Incubus is an alternative rock band from Calabasas, CA. Formed in 1991 the band would go onto achieve significant chart success with singles from multiple albums. They’ve toured with a number of bands and festivals, and continue to tour and make music to this date. … (Their Full Wikipedia)

Infectious Grooves

About the Artist

Infectious Grooves is a funk metal supergroup from Venice, CA. Formed in 1989 by Suicidal Tendencies front-man Mike Muir. Their music has elements of humor blended with’n the lyrics and styling. While the lineup has changed over the years, the band does continue to put on the occasional live performance together, and there have been talks of new music.  … (Their Full Wikipedia)

The Influence

About the Artist

The Influence is an indie alternative rock band that put out their first album in 2006. Known for their high energy live performances, there strong vocals and grooving guitar rifts make them a band worth checking out.