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From the Station:

close up photography of cows

The Herd

Heard them on PRIR? You can find more about them in 'The Herd'

9 Nov 2022

Latest Headlines

All the latest music industry headlines you could want and links too more!

8 Oct 2022
Close up of the knobs and sliders of a music soundboard.

New Album Drops

Find all the new album releases in the PRIR New Album Drops section.

8 Oct 2022

Audiophile 101:

Audiophile 101 – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Lossy vs. Lossless Audio.

22 Nov 2022
relaxed male teenager with headphones and mobile phone on couch

Audiophile 101 – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - What is an Audiophile?

18 Nov 2022

Pop Culture:

A bubbly animated Turkey holding a white sign on a stick, the sign features the PRIR globe logo. The turkey has orange, red , and tan tail feathers. It's body is brown. 5 Thanksgiving Movies

5 Thanksgiving Movies

Strut your stuffin'! Here's 5 Thanksgiving themed movies to rock your Turkey Season!

23 Nov 2022
A bubbly animated turkey holds a cell phone with the PRIR globe logo upon it. The turkey is wearing headphones making it appear as though he is listening to PRIR. 12 Thanksgiving songs logo.

12 Thanksgiving Songs

12 Thanksgiving Songs to rock and be Thankful for.

20 Nov 2022


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