The official Pocket Rock It Radio logo. A yellow back drop with geo lettering that reads Pocket Rock It Radio, a small planet with a single ring sits in the space between the words Rock & It. A small satelite dish sits in the bottom left emitting sound waves. Listen. Pocket Rock It Radio. PRIR. Even More, Cave

Get to Know PRIR


Been looking for a good alternative radio station? In a world where alternative radio stations are either going conglomerate or boarding up their doors Pocket Rock It Radio is proud to stand as your oasis in the desert of “that” alternative. With over 400 tracks from a mix of familiar and emerging artists, we offer a unique listening experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Tune in today to discover new music and rediscover old favorites. We’re your actual alternative.

Our Story:

Pocket Rock It Radio was started as a passion project by creative types that got sick of hearing the same old thing everyday….10 songs on repeat and most of the new stuff sucked. The repeat rotation was followed by commercials for 15 minutes an hour, and full of programming slammed with causes, news, political opinions, and sales pitches. The alt. rock music scene for the most part went full corporate … and hasn’t looked back.

Enter Pocket Rock It Radio. A radio station built by music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts. No news, politics, and no commercials (serious ones anyways). The stations song rotation has been put together by our resident music curator. Who’s vast knowledge of the random combined with the amazing computer power of our very own in house ADJB2k is sure you’re hearing something new. In the first month on the air nearly 70% of the songs we played had never been played on the air before, and playing so many tracks means that half of our songs don’t even run once a day.

If you’ve been looking for something new, you’ve found it, and we’re glad to have you.

oN tHe AirWaVEs:

The built-in automated in-house constructed supercomputer, the proprietary ‘A DJ Buddy 2000’ takes over where no DJ dares to go ; or has been scheduled. Tune in and join the debate :  is it sentient or just really well programmed?


Join ADJB2K as it takes you on a journey through the deepest, darkest corners of the alternative music universe. From the familiar to the obscure, you never know what you’re going to get. Click for more info on this and other shows. Keep it locked, mateys!

Evan Roberts, aka “The Corporate Rebel”, has always been a champion for the underdogs in the music industry. Tired of the corporate music scene and its rigid rules, he broke away to join Pocket Rock It Radio and broadcast radio in its purest form.

As the station’s operations manager, Evan is the backbone of the team, keeping the gears turning and the music flowing. When he’s not managing the behind-the-scenes action, he hosts “Evaning Things Out”, a show dedicated to showcasing the latest indie and underground artists.

Catch Evan on the airwaves and get ready to give the finger to the status quo!

The Viper, aka “The King of the Garage”, has spent his life in the garage rock scene. Always holding a love for the raw, unpolished sound of the underknown. Born and bred in the underground world of machines and engines, The Viper brings his passion for hard-driving music to the airwaves of Pocket Rock It Radio.

When he’s not under the hood of his latest project, The Viper hosts “Garage Jam”, a show dedicated to the best up-and-coming garage and punk rock bands, tune and join The Viper’s rebel yell for music that’s loud, fast, and unapologetic.


Bob Poppa, aka Bobadobolis “Bob” Poppa, is one of the most enigmatic figures in The City’s radio history. Despite having only an eight-day career in radio, he made an indelible mark on the industry. After a 20-year hiatus, he’s returning to the airwaves with “A Decaffeinated Jolt of Reality”, a weekday morning show on PRIR.

Where has he been all these years? What has he been up to? Even he might not have all the answers. But one thing is for sure, Bob is back and ready to bring his unique perspective to the airwaves. Join him for a decaf-fueled ride and see where the journey takes you. **coming soon

Find A nEw

Over 400 different tracks on PRIR each month means your sure to find something new.

You can find additional artist information, Spotify links, and more to your new favorite in The Herd.

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We here at Pocket Rock It Radio take our commitment to your music enjoyment seriously, streaming 100% BS free, news free, commercial free online alternative radio 24/7. While maintaining a privacy policy that actually respects privacy by not keeping or tracking an of your personal information, means we have not left ourselves many options to pay the bills. That’s where you come in. We are running the Pocket Rock It Radio project for as long as we can afford to. We don’t expect anyone to donate, but should you feel compelled to help keep the lights on any donation is greatly appreciated. You can make a donation using the following links, all proceeds go 100% to PRIR operating costs. 

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