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An introduction of sorts.

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"FINALLY! Un-Cut music! Just like a good Christian."

"Geez, I can't believe he said that... I mean I agree, but that's besides the point."


You’ve found ‘The City’s’ top new alternative station, ‘Pocket Rock It Radio’.

We’re broadcasting to you live’ish on the digital airwaves from the recently renovated studio ‘1a’ found inside the UWM radio headquarters.

Allow us to be your escape, and help you unplug from the world that never lets up. The 24/7 news cycles, the never ending political campaigns, doom and gloom. You won’t find them here. We’re all about the tunes at PRIR. Press play, and unwind. You do you, it’ll be our privilege to entertain you for a while.

We’re glad to have you.
– Staff, PRIR

In the winter of 2022 the UWM group acquired an old AM radio broadcast building, and old but picturesque art deco style building that’d seen better days.

The building was filled to the brim with old equipment, junk, a few prior residence, and in need of some serious renovations. During the renovation effort of the 2.5 story building the main broadcast antenna was severely damaged, onset by what was dubbed “unforeseen circumstances”.

Having spent the majority of the stations budget on cleaning out studio 1a and the atrium, purchasing some “flashy’ studio decor, and sparing no expense on signing some of The City’s top radio talent. There was no funding remaining to repair the antenna array. With spirits at an all time low it seemed the entire UWM radio project would be scrapped before it ever got off the ground.

It was then in a stroke of what management calls “genius”, but others would call “dumb luck” they turned to the digital airwaves to join the realm of radio. With the broadcast problem solved it was determined that ‘Pocket Rock It Radio’ would be given the first go at studio 1a, and the rest as they say was history.

StAff MEEtiNg

Our staff may be infections, but that's no need to worry.
Get a little closer to your favorite on air host.

The built-in automated in-house constructed supercomputer, the proprietary ‘A DJ Buddy 2000’ takes over where no DJ dares to go ; or has been scheduled. Tune in and join the debate :  is it sentient or just really well programmed?


Strange 2 Default
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In The past live, Evan Roberts was a real hotshot in the coproate music distribution world. Unfortunately, those suits and squares live by a set of rules he couldn’t deal with any longer. After a business deal gone wrong, he decided to throw it all away and strike back at the machine.

He’s the resident expert in keeping the lights on and the stiffs out, managing the day to day operations and licensing for Pocket Rock It Radio.


Evaning Out
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Let Bob ‘The Passenger’ Poppa ride shotgun along with you on a musical journey into the unknown. With a hands off the wheel approach to hosting who knows what musical oddities you’ll pass on your audio road trip. Tune in to hear what’s next.


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Forged in the underground areans of machines and engines. The Viper always had a soft spot for those that go hard. He’s spent his years jamming out to garage bands while working in his garage, and now he brings his voice to The City’s premier alternative station.


Garage Jam
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A man in a leather jacket sits holding a record over his face. In the foreground are bins full of records, the walls behind him are floor to ceiling cassette racks that are full. PRIR. Pocket Rock It Radio. Listen. Even More. Cave.

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The Pocket Rock It Radio project is a corroborative labor of love amungst creative types. We're just doing this for fun and will be running this project for as long as we can afford to. Should you feel compelled to contribute to help keep the lights on, and the musical madness on the air. You can make a donation of any size to PRIR using any of the following links.

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