Traveling Without Moving Backwards

Facebook Twitter Instagram Soundcloud Traveling Without Moving Backwards A retrospective look at Jamiroquai’s album Travelling Without Moving. POcket Rock It RaDiO The APP No News, No BS, No Tracking, No Push Notifications, No Special Permission. Just Rock Get The APP In 1996, Jamiroquai released their third studio album, “Travelling Without Moving,” which would go on […]

10 Hallmarks Of A V-day Playlist

A cutely drawn animated pink heart wearing a top hat. Holding a cane with the PRIR glob logo atop, he is also holding a bouquet of flowers. 10 Hallmarks Of A V-day 10 Hallmarks Of A V-day Playlist

Add 10 rocking songs to your Valentines day playlist with the help of Pocket Rock It Radio, and our 10 Hallmarks Of A V-day Song List.