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Mom Rock Rocks Taffeta For A Good Cause

Mom Rock, Little Fuss, Blue Light Bandits, and The Ghouls Rock the Evan Gershkovich Benefit at Taffeta in Lowell, MA.

[June 23rd, 2023] Tucked in the industrial side of town, Taffeta in Lowell, MA stands as a hidden gem. Nestled at the end of a secluded street near the railroad tracks, this venue offers an unparalleled experience. As you follow the signs, you’ll be guided into the heart of an old industrial factory, where the doors of Taffeta eagerly await your arrival.

The staff of Taffeta, with their exceptional warmth and professionalism, create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all concert-goers. Stepping inside, you’ll immediately sense the intimacy of Taffeta’s setting, adding to its undeniable allure. Set amidst the authentic ambiance of a bygone-era industrial plant, the hanging lights cast a gentle glow, setting a scene that only heights the anticipation for an unforgettable show.

On this particular evening, Taffeta played host to a concert lineup that showcased the unity between four bands and a multitude of local businesses. Their collective mission? To support the cause of journalism, champion free speech, and raise funds and awareness for Evan Gershkovich, a US journalist currently detained in Russia. The diverse crowd that had gathered together that night shared a common purpose, transcending age differences and eagerly anticipating the rock spectacle that was about to unfold.

The Ghouls (Lowell, MA), were the alt-rock force that kicked off the night, creating an electrifying presence. Their hard-hitting performance resonated throughout the venue, infusing the air with a raw and unrelenting energy. Fans were drawn in by their pulsating sound, their music crashing like waves against the shore. As the performance unfolded, members of all the performing bands seamlessly blended with the crowd, immersing themselves in the collective experience. The Ghouls left an indelible mark on the audience, culminating their set with an unexpected rendition of the 1980s hit ‘Careless Whisper’ that set the room ablaze.

While the stage transition took place, concert-goers had the opportunity to commune together and further support the cause of the evening by purchasing merchandise, raffle tickets, or participating in a silent auction. As the evening progressed, members of all the performing bands could be spotted mixing in with the crowd, showcasing their own unwavering support for the cause while fully immersing themselves in the music, creating an unparalleled experience throughout the evening.

With the stage reset, Blue Light Bandits (Worcester, MA) took to the stage, unleashed their genre-bending fusion of funk, rock, and jazz, igniting the atmosphere with their infectious energy. The room came alive as their dynamic sound reverberated through every corner. Their performance was a masterclass in musical synergy, with each band member seamlessly feeding off one another’s talents. Amidst the electrifying improvisations and soulful melodies, they treated the audience to a standout rendition of their beloved crowd favorite, ‘Old Habits‘. Blue Light Bandits’ distinctive style and instrumental mastery left fans craving more, as they carved out a truly unforgettable performance.

As the bands swapped out once more, the friends of Evan Gershkovich, who had dedicated their time and effort to coordinate the event, took to the stage. With heartfelt words, they painted a vivid picture of the kind of person Evan is and expressed gratitude to the businesses that contributed to the evening, the bands for their participation, and the audience for their unwavering support in raising funds for their friend.

Following this impactful moment, it was time for Little Fuss, the powerful female-fronted indie-rock sensation from Boston, to take the stage. Their music surged through the air with unwavering passion and boundless enthusiasm, as they showcased their latest single releases, including the captivating track “What’s It Matter to You.” Throughout their set, Little Fuss delved deep into the depths of their latest album, “Girls At Parties,” unearthing hidden gems that wove a tapestry of sound and sonic exploration. The audience was completely enthralled, caught up in the moment, as the raw intensity of Little Fuss resonated through the entire venue. And as the performance reached its climax, Little Fuss delivered a spellbinding rendition of their hit song, “She’s A Liar“, leaving the audience buzzing with euphoria.

Then, as the final stage change took place, the long-awaited moment arrived—the time for the headliners of the evening. The atmosphere crackled with electric anticipation as Mom Rock triumphantly stormed the stage. Donned in their iconic baseball attire, they exuded a commanding and unapologetic presence. With unwavering confidence, the band wasted no time in unleashing their explosive performance, starting off with a hard-hitting opener: “My Way” from their upcoming unnamed album. The crowd was immediately swept up in the ferocious sonic onslaught, as Mom Rock rocked the audience to their very core.

Throughout the evening, Mom Rock’s upcoming untitled album took center stage, offering a tantalizing glimpse into their evolving sound. With powerful determination and flawless execution, the band fearlessly showcased their new material, infusing each note with their signature raw energy and unfiltered passion. As the set progressed, the room reverberated with the unmistakable hooks of long-standing fan-favorite tracks like “Dishes” and “Until One of Us Stops Lying,” captivating the audience with their larger-than-life presence. Mom Rock’s commanding performance left no room for doubt regarding their position as the preeminent no-frills power trio, channeling their collective prowess into a performance that shook the very foundations of Taffeta.

As the final notes of their unreleased track, “Well, it’s a real tough life,” reverberated through the air, the audience erupted in unbridled enthusiasm. The power of their performance lingered in the hearts of all who witnessed it, serving as a testament to Mom Rock’s undeniable talent and unwavering dedication to their craft.

Mom Rock

Taffeta’s unwavering commitment to hosting such an extraordinary event, coupled with the immense passion and energy that radiated from each band’s performance, culminated in a truly unforgettable night that will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of all who were fortunate enough to attend.

If you ever find yourself in the Lowell, MA area, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Taffeta firsthand. This burgeoning venue promises an unparalleled experience that is well worth your time. And while you’re at it, keep a keen eye out for upcoming releases and performances by the immensely talented Mom Rock, Little Fuss, Blue Light Bandits, and The Ghouls.

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About the Author:
Bob Poppa<br>A.K.A. -The World's Most Interesting Nobody

Bob Poppa
A.K.A. -The World's Most Interesting Nobody

Bob's oblivious nature to the situations the station throws him in gives him a unique perspective on the situation.

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