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10 Songs for your Cinco De Mayo Celebration

10 Smooth Tunes to please your ear pallet this Mayo season.

The season is upon us. It’s a magically tasty time of year where we all come together to celebrate the Cinco De Mayo, and we here at Pocket Rock It Radio have come together to compile list to put your festivities on the right track.

Cico De Mayo is here so join together with us as we all celebrate the condiment that stands above all others ; Mayonnaise! 

Hell, we didn’t even know there was such a season as the season of Mayo but we’re not going to shy away from having seconds of our seconds, and then some. 

So lay it on extra thick this Cinco De Mayo season with the help of PRIR and our list of 10 Mayo songs to keep your festivities jumping.

10 Tracks to Spread all over your holiday season

Velvety smooth, and so darn tasty.

What Mayo celebration would be complete without a mighty fine looking sandwich bound together with the super glue of condiments known as Mayo? The answer is no, no Mayo celebration would be complete without a mayo laden hoagie. Feast your ears on this one!

This hard rocking mayonnaise tune is sure to take you back to one of those reality breaking moments were you were about 30 steps into making the perfect sub and realized you couldn’t find the mayo. 

Let’s not we take for granted the condiment we all to frequently just expect to be there. Celebrate with us this Cinco day Mayo season.

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4 your head.

A key part of a healthy & balanced brain diet.

The Cuba Libre Group throws the latin spin into our latin celebration of Mayo. What Cinco de Mayo celebration would be complete without some grooving samba? This tune is as smooth as the spread on your bread ears … enjoy.

Should your Mayo festivities go overboard as you crank your Mayo festivities to five on the flavor dial you too might fight yourself in a mayonnaise malaise. The boys of Local H have been there, done that, and even wrote a little diddy about it too.

Get the roof jumping at your Cinco De Mayo celebration with the help of E40. Good luck making a samich with this track on your sound system as a more slapping beat about the dynamic duo of Mayonnaise and Mayo’s Robin … Mustard has not been heard. Crank the bass and hit play!

A real

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Not quite sure how Beck seems to have a monopoly on making each of our holiday list so far, but here he is yet again. Realizing your without mayonnaise this Cinco De Mayo season may leave you feeling as rough as this rough cut with one foot in the grave…always have a backup tub or two… never know when you’ll have company. Or a strange festive celebration.

This catchy trippy beat is sure to help you slowly slip into a mayo coated meat coma following the feast’ivities on this fine holiday of Mayo. Already there? Just hit it on repeat as you doze and recover, this tracks sure to have you dreaming about a salt mouse with mayonnaise for desert when you return to the land of the living.

Not sure what to serve the guests at your very own Cinco De Mayo celebration? May we offer Clutch’s 100 million years old recipe for some tasty Hot bottom Feeder? A recipe as old as time, and as all worth while recipes go is sure to include Mayo … a condiment truly deserving of its own holiday. 

We all know how Sir M.A.L feels about big butts, but how does the man feel about the condiment of all condiments? It’s true that what he’s saying may not be very popular these days, but as the man knows it ain’t good without mayonnaise. Don’t skimp this Mayo holiday season, and lay it on thick.

This strange spoken word musical drama takes us on an ear journey and reminds us this Mayo season that absolutely no one wants bologna without mayo. 

In fact if your bologna is without mayo you can just get out of here right now. It’s Cinco De Mayo! DON’T, and we mean don’t forget the mayo!

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Well! It would appear that upon having our article scanned by the editor those of us locked up away from society may have misunderstood the subject matter of this fine holiday. That said, we already wrote it, you already read it, and we’re sure somehow Mayo is represented at a fine Cinco de Mayo festivity.

So celebrate how you will with who you will and be sure to lay that mayo on extra thick! 

Until next time, stay weird.

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