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Tales from the Record Shop

Dive deep into your 12 tracks off one album deep.

We here at PRIR go through A LOT of music to find that special ‘something’ else to broadcast on our airwaves. 

Believe it or not there’s actual real people diving through record stores all to pick up  some weird stuff and listening to it from start to finish. All in an effort to find the next great thing to bring your way.

And like a persistently good horror movie villain we are back with even more album dive selections for your auditory spelunk.

For your listening consideration we present 3 albums from the record shop…El Four. 

Dives can come in waves...sound waves

Not saying it's good, or you'll even like it. Just saying, give it a chance.

So if you’ve been listening to PRIR you’ve probably heard a few off this album, and we just wanted to take a moment to recommend taking a deeper dive into the album. Hobosexual was a record store discovery that was grabbed because the name of the band made us laugh.

Plugging the disc into the player we said “Okay, it’s a joke. Just get through it once and we’re good.” The joke was on us however, the Hobo’s rocked! Discover for yourself!

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If you’ve been around for a while you know (if you haven’t you do now) with a band name like Honky Toast we had to find out what was on the album. The early 90’s era artwork on the cover left just about everything to the imagination. As you press play the album get’s going with a hard rocking track “Whatcha gonna do honkey?”, and it get’s funkier and weirder from there.

The album might’ve been a tongue-in-cheek joke by the members in the band, but how hard this album rocks is definitely no joke. It’s gotta be your kind of weird, but if it’s your kind of weird :  You’re Welcome. 

It's not weird that you hear'd it.

It's weird they did not...

Zebrahead - Waste Of Mind

The retro futuristic album cover pulled us in to this one. Having never heard the bands name or any of the tracks before it was another complete stab in the dark as to what would be on it. As you dive in the album weirdly sounds exactly like you’d expect it to at times, and other times it’s a strange left turn. 

While all the tracks are rock based the genre and tone and style bounced around making this album an interesting listen from start to finish.

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The El Forth installment of Tales from the record shop has now concluded, enjoy your musical dive into the abyss of audio. We’ll be here when you get back, be sure to let us know what you think.

If you’re looking for more and missed it be sure to check out the second installment of ‘Tales from the Record Shop’ – The Return

We’ll catch you after our next record store dive, until then. Stay weird.

If you into music discovery and want to go on your own record shop dive be sure to check out the totally free  Record Store Directory brought to you by Uniting With Music. 

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