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The Skegss - My Own Mess

A Garage-Rock Triumph

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The Skegss’ 2018 release, “My Own Mess,” proved to be a turning point for the Australian garage-rock trio. The album is a raw and raucous collection of songs that captures the spirit and energy of the band’s live shows. With its catchy hooks, fuzzy guitars, and driving rhythms, “My Own Mess” is a testament to the band’s talent and a triumph of the garage-rock genre.

“My Own Mess” is a 15-track album that’s full of anthemic sing-alongs, driving punk rock tracks, and reflective ballads. From the opening track, “Up in the Clouds,” it’s clear that this is an album that’s meant to be played loud and with reckless abandon. And while tracks like “Road Trip” and “Paradise” have become fan favorites, it’s the album’s overall sense of fun and energy that make it such a standout release.

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One of the key strengths of “My Own Mess” is the band’s ability to blend different genres and sounds in a way that feels both cohesive and unique. There are elements of punk, garage rock, surf, and even some 60s pop influences scattered throughout the album, all tied together by the band’s infectious energy and catchy hooks. And throughout the album, the band’s chemistry and musicianship are on full display, with each member contributing to a sound that’s both loose and tight at the same time.

Looking in on “My Own Mess” today, it’s clear why it was such a pivotal moment in The Skegss’ career. It’s an album that showcases the band’s raw talent and energy, and sets them apart from their peers in the garage-rock scene. And while the band has continued to evolve and mature with subsequent releases, “My Own Mess” remains a testament to the power of raw, unbridled rock and roll.

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