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5 New Songs For Your Playlist

Part IV
Variety is the spice of it up a little.

Feel like your music playlist has turned into a stale powdered mush you’re force feeding your brain hole because at one point you knew you liked that song but that was 10,000 listens ago?


We’ve put together a list of 5 songs to help expand your musical repertoire.

Put some spice in your playlist gumbo

Let Me Hold It Open - Cowboy Mouth

This song is just a strangely satisfying blend of tempos and genres. The vocals somehow feel familiar though you’ve never heard it before, and seem keep pace with the drum beat that drives the song. The music has this weird way of keeping you there though you don’t totally know what’s going on, and then it hits you with that weird guitar solo ; and then you hit repeat.

Think I'm In Love - Beck

Beck isn’t a newbie to the alternative charts, and you’ve probably enjoyed his tunes before, but the only thing you traditionally hear on the radio is about a devils haircut or where something is at. “Later” Beck is just as good if not a better listen. Give this little love diddy a spin. You’ll be happy you did.

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Belittled and Beaten Down - Daisy Chainsaw

This hard rocking track is teetering on the edge of being sludge rock. We know you’ve more than likely never heard of Daisy Chainsaw, and they might not be for everyone but you could come to regret passing on giving this female fronted hard rock band a shot.

Piss Up A Rope - Ween

What happens when one strange alt. rock band decides to make a true country album? Anyone guess, possibly the best true country album since the 70’s? No? Well you’d be surprised, hit play and get transported to a honky tonk on some backroad somewhere, and get ready to sing along as the good ol’ boys of Ween sing a country story as old as time itself. 

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The Denial Twist - The White Stripes

We know we’re not telling you about a band you haven’t heard of before, but unless you have a playlist set up to hear The White Stripes may we ask when the last time you heard them was? May we recommend a revisit to a good old one out of their catalogue that isn’t about an army. 

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You managed to go thru all these and are still in need of more? Might we suggest checking out 5 New Songs For Your Playlist – Part III. Or find your own something new by tuning into Pocket Rock It Radio, that or check out the entire list of New Music to PRIR for March if you’re more of a do it yourself’er. 

Know a song PRIR should be spinning? Have a band and want to become part of The Herd? Leave us a comment below, or send us a message. Unlike Corporate radio, and tech overlords we actually want to hear from you.

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