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The official Pocket Rock It Radio logo. A yellow back drop with geo lettering that reads Pocket Rock It Radio, a small planet with a single ring sits in the space between the words Rock & It. A small satelite dish sits in the bottom left emitting sound waves. Listen. Pocket Rock It Radio. PRIR. Even More, Cave
The official PRIR call letter logo. It features a planet with a single ring wrapped around the center of the planet. The Call letters PRIR sit atop the swooping ring. A yellow circle covers the backdrop, and a small satellite dish broadcasting sound waves is projected from the top of the planet. Pocket Rock It Radio. Listen. Even More

PRIR New Music for March 2023

Pocket Rock It Radio is your home for music discovery, and we are constantly adding new music ; more than 40 songs per month to be exact. With over 400 songs played a month it means that most songs are only played once a day. This makes catching them all as big of a task as tracking down a red jacket wearing woman that shares a name with a major Southern California city.

Realizing that we’ve decided to put all the new tracks and artists in a tidy list each month to help you discover more from PRIR.

Here it is the PRIR New Music list for March 2023. Use the list to make a request with the Request O’ Matic ; add them to your playlist, or just make a game of it and see if you can hear them all in a month.

We won’t judge, you do you, we’re just here for the tunes.

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Pocket Rock It Radio is all about music sharing, and discovery. If you’ve got a band, or know of a band that you think PRIR should be rocking let us know! 

You have the case details now go nab that red coated woman.

In case you missed last month check out, PRIR New Music for February 2022 <- Here

To hear these and more grab the Pocket Rock It Radio App today! We are where you are.

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