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5 New Songs For Your Playlist

Part III
Add some real variety to your playlists

Tired of having the music overlords and corporate execs telling you what’s good and what to like?

PRIR is here to help! Each month we add over 40 different songs to the PRIR airwaves, that you can hear right here on our digital airwaves. Still we know you like your playlist so each month we pick 5 we add to showcase for you to take a deeper dive into. 

Settle in and find a new favorite with the help of your friendly neighborhood radio station.

The official PRIR call letter logo. It features a planet with a single ring wrapped around the center of the planet. The Call letters PRIR sit atop the swooping ring. A yellow circle covers the backdrop, and a small satellite dish broadcasting sound waves is projected from the top of the planet. Pocket Rock It Radio. Listen. Even More

Take the Power Back!

It's your music, PRIR is just here to help.

The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret - Queens Of The Stone Age

If you’re into alternative rock you’ve more than likely heard of Queens of the Stone Age, but have you heard this hard rocking slow burn? The beat will hook you from the first note, and the vocals haunt the rhythm in perfect harmony making it a rather carnivorous ear worm. If your a QOTSA fan, or just discovering them this song will be sure to please.

The Great Diaspora - The Bipolar Bears

Maybe you’re in the market for something a little off the beaten path. May we offer up the musical stylings of ‘The Bipolar Bears’? These guys have a weirdness to them that just … works. Their sound might’ve been a little to weird of the main stream airwaves. We don’t know, we think it rocks ; what say you?

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City Of Wet Angels - Funland

Funland is one of those bands you don’t know until you know them ; you know? City of Wet Angels is more than just an amusing thought picture of a song title but the song has got that … thing. The thing that keeps you listening even though it wasn’t exactly what you were coming for … You know?

My My - Seven Mary Three

My, my you never heard of this one before? That’s because standard airwaves can become cumbersome at times … see what we did there? Seriously though Cumbersome is a good song but My My rocks harder than a road flavored ice cream. Never heard this one before? Remember folks sometimes you’ll be surprised by what doesn’t get on standard airwaves.

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Just Rock

Bitter Fruit - The Kills

The Kills deliver a killer track in Bitter Fruit that’s definitely worth checking out. The song get’s going with a guitar riff that’s sure to get you grooving, backed by a drum beat to melodically cary you through the rest of the track. Hit play and enjoy.

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4 yOuR hEAD...

So how’d we do? Find something new for your playlist? … We hope so.

Still, if you some how go through these are in need of more might we suggest checking out 5 New Songs For Your Playlist – Part II from last month. Or the entire list of New Music to PRIR for February.

Know a song PRIR should be spinning? Have a band and want to become part of The Herd? Leave us a comment below, or send us a message. 

Unlike Corporate radio, and tech overlords we actually want to hear from you.

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