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10 Hallmarks Of A V-day Playlist

10 Lovely Love Ballads that rock your heart like love itself.

Welcome! It’s the time of year for heart shaped cards filed with words you would never dare say out-loud, and gifting of flowers so expensive you need to sign away rights to bodily organs to acquire them.

To celebrate the season we thought we’d take a look at some of the finer points of love, and put together a list of valentines day songs celebrating just that. 

So without further adieu here are the PRIR 10 hallmarks of a V-day playlist, and if they’re not part of your’s perhaps they should be considered. 

A cutely drawn animated pink heart wearing a top hat. Holding a cane with the PRIR glob logo atop, he is also holding a sign that reads "An Actual Alternative PRIR". 10 Hallmarks Of A V-day Playlist

10 Tracks of love selected with ... love.

Drop kick your heart with the best valentines day songs around!

The boys of Helmet deliver a beautifully composed instrumental ballad that washes upon you like the feeling of love itself. Allow yourself to drift away to the melody while your heart is rocked to it’s core.

Love can make us act in some silly, strange ; and just straight up dumb ways. Here’s a love ballad from the guys of STP to remind you of the headaches that came during the days of old when puppy love ruled, and you just couldn’t get out of your own way.

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4 your head.

A key part of a healthy & balanced brain diet.

How could such a heartfelt ode to love such as this be overlooked by the traditional red heart chocolate box crowd? True it falls under the category of early grunge so it probably just got missed, but the good thing it’s been waiting for you like a long lost love for you to love upon it. 

Flying solo this V-day season? Or, are you just over the whole commercialized holiday of appreciation? The whole mushy love thing just not your bag? Then how about one from the Meat Puppets sining the siren song of the evil love glowing in the sky? Okay… okay… we’ll stop with the 50 questions.

How about this for a valentine song? This short little love diddy hit’s you as hard as when you actually fall in love yourself. The song thrashes with all the energy of a new flame, and takes you through the gamut of a relationship in less than 2 mins. Now that’s something!

A real

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Loving from afar? Feeling a little stalker’ie this V-day season? Personally we don’t get why he or she doesn’t notice you’re there either. I mean you made things pretty obvious when they noticed that time you tried to follow them in the restroom the other day. … Perhaps nows a time to talk boundaries as we hit play on this little love song written especially just for you.

A finer built tribute to free love, and sowing wild oats could be hard to find. This love tune has got a swinging feel that’s sure to get you dancing in your seat. Let the fine young lads of Cage The Elephant provide musical mood for your next intimate gathering. 

So you just got dumped or lost a love in your life? The boys of Incubus get it, and provided an ode to just that. Love definitely can hurt at times, but remember if you didn’t experience the bad you wouldn’t know what good was. Appreciate whatever it is you’re feeling as you feel it, it’s just another step in the journey of what makes you you and actually finding real love.

‘Another love song’ harkens back to the days free love that made up the 60’s and 70’s with it’s bopping drum beat and harmonic vocals. True it might just be yet another love song, but what could be better than another love song for your valentines day song playlist.

Of course this classic had to be on here. What rocking list of valentine songs would be complete without this quint essential love ballad? This fine love song is sure to please any music lover in your life. Yup, even the guy or gal that listens to nothing but ‘The Doors’.

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There you have it 10 Hallmarks of a V-day playlist, 10 valentine songs to set any mood. The V-day gift from us at PRIR made especially for you. Cherish it as you would a terribly made macaroni cup a young offspring would make their parent in art class. Sure it might taste like super glue, but the fumes make everything taste like love. You came for 10 tasty love morsels to ride on the tunnel of love that is your ear canal, and you got that plus the bonus of having your heart frocked (frocked = eff’ing rocked). 

Go on and set these 10 tasy love morsels into your playlist, and let them ride on the tunnel of love that is your ear canals. Or tune into PRIR to hear these on the day where we give fat flying babies bows and arrows to send them couples hunting.

You do you, we won’t judge. We’ll be here when you get back, and as always if you know of one we missed let us know in the comments section. Unlike corporate radio we actually want to hear from you!


A cutely drawn animated pink heart wearing a top hat. Holding a cane with the PRIR glob logo atop, he is also holding a bouquet of flowers. 10 Hallmarks Of A V-day 10 Hallmarks Of A V-day Playlist

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