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How to Train your playlist

8 Songs about trains that rock that aren't by The Doobie Brothers, Ozzy, or the Grateful dead.

We know what you’re thinking … “Why aren’t there more train related music lists?”

What’s that? You weren’t? Well neither were we. That is until we were challenged to make a list about trains! So,  we scoured the PRIR library and put together a collection of songs about trains. Making sure to omit the obvious ones by the likes of Ozzy, Grateful Dead, and the Doobie Bro’s.

So if trains are your bread and butter get ready to recieve some tasty train ear jams to spread on your playlist toasts. Keep reading for a list of 8 delectable train jams to add some variety to your playlist and slather all over your ear toast. Enjoy.

8 Fresh Varieties of Train Jam

Straight from our list to your brain toast.

Nighttrain - Guns 'N Roses

Kicking off the list with a jam flavor you may have sampled in the past, Nighttrain by G’N’R simply rocks. The pace of the tune, the hard rocking guitar, Axles vocals all blend together perfectly to provide one tasty and memorable jam.

Train - 4 Non Blondes

What you gonna do child when this harmonica laiden stone fruit jam rocks your train toast harder than a gravel driveway with legos sprinkled about? … Possibly hit replay, and go back for ear seconds? We wouldn’t blame you if you did.

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4 your head.

A key part of a healthy & balanced brain diet.

Drug Train - Social Distortion

This hard rocking beat chugs from the start in a bruiting unfiltered fashion that gives this ear jam a dirty appearance, but upon tasting reveals a complex taste on your music receptor pallet. Hitting you as hard as the drugs the train the song is about is carrying … Don’t believe us? Hit play, we warn you though even the rhythms addictive on this one.

Goose Freight Train - The Melvins

So, you’ve sampled all those other ear jams before? Well duck, … duck, … mother effing one more duck :  and then we’ll let the Melvins ‘Goose’ train you. This seemingly minimalist jam gets you on the aftertaste and dances upon your ears tastebuds. Once you hit play on this offbeat train jam it’s only a matter of time before it’s bound for a return trip to your noggin sooner or later.

Night Train to Memphis - Everclear

The boys of Everclear found this old preserve recipe, and put a modern twist on it making it a jam for the modern days. You’re probably thinking, “the boys of Everclear covered a old school country classic?”. Trust us it’s a weird flavor combination to think of but it all works somehow. Don’t believe us? Hit play, and throw some of this jam on your ear toast. We’ll wait … **pause** …. Oh’ you’re back? … Told you! Weird, right?

A real

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Train Overnight - The Tragically Hip

Hears another tasty train jam for your cranium to nosh upon. A fine blend of trippy floating vocals, and beat to carry them gracefully  dance about your ear canal. Apply this eclectically blended Canadian Hip train jam to your ear toast for one sweet sounding overnight ear snack. 

Freedom Train - Lenny Kravitz

A jam with enough flavor and groove to power a vintage locomotive. The flavors culminates by creating a cornucopia of taste and flavor notes upon your brain nodes. Finally finishing with a guitar riff that’s heavy enough to drive your brain train toasts off it’s tracks.

Sucker Train Blues - Velvet Revolver

This train jam starts off as a slow roll upon first sampling. Then as the seconds pass after your first sample it’s flavor explodes into a run away high speed train jam that’s packed with enough flavor to put ants in your pants. This is a true hard rock’n train jam that runs the gamut of flavors, satisfies, and leaves you with a velvety smooth finish. 

Bonus - City of New Orleans - Arlo Guthrie

We know, this isn’t a jam you would traditionally catch on display on PRIR’s airwaves, but games gotta respect game.

No train based jam list should be considered complete without this classic train jam. Once you’re done getting rocked by the rest of the powerful flavors on this list. Kick back hit play on this classic. Settle in and relax for we a satisfying jam that will take you on a cross country train ride in the time it takes this for this jam to be fully sampled. 

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There you go, if you thought it couldn’t be done fret no longer! Because we’ve’s just dones it. 

We hope that even if train jams aren’t your thing you’ve enjoyed yourself, and you were still able to find something you could enjoy on this musical jam tasting.

We’ll be back next month with another list until you have our permission to lay that train jam on your ear toast extra thick there’s plenty where that came from. 

Know of a good jam we missed? Found a new favorite train jam? Just want to say hey? Let us know in the comments section.

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