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5 New Songs For Your Playlist

Part II
Add some real variety to your playlists

Having to pick 5 songs to showcase for your playlist out of all the great tracks we added this month played out like a rumble of the royal variety, but we did it!

That’s right, we choke slammed and clothes lined our way through the seemingly never ending barrage of music tracks until we were down to the 5 that were left standing.

So here you go, your 5 songs to help spice up your playlist for January ’23 from your friendly neighborhood musical luchador Pocket Rock It Radio. 

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Anything's better than the same,
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Take control and add some actual variety to your playlist!

Better When You're High - Wax

The contradiction in tone and song subject matter just tickled us in a way that made us say “that tickled us”. The easy listening smoking lounge guitar laden track comes packed with smooth lead and angelicly harmonic backing vocals that all comes packaged in one great song.  If this is your introduction to the word of Wax :  Welcome, you’ll enjoy the listen.

Vampires of New York - Marcy Playground

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just hopelessly trapped under the oppressive thumb of the music tech overlord’s for the last 20 or so years you know all about Sex and Candy curtesy of the boys of Marcy Playground. But have you heard about the Vampires of New York? Let this slow strumming musical rabbit burrow it’s way into your mind hole.

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Travel Box - Ladylike Dragons

You know you’re onto something when the only clip you can find on youtube is a live performance. Thankfully they are just as good live as they are on album. Getting to it, we’re not sure how a dragon can even look ladylike, but we can assure you that when the dragon does look so it knows how to rock! This French band didn’t make to much noise on radio airwaves, but PRIR’s aiming to correct that error.

Personal Space Invaders - Sugar Ray

We know what you’re thinking, “The band that gave us Fly? … Thanks, I’m good.” Before you go taking the cynical take on the band just because they had one overplayed poppy cut that paid their bills, why not give the band a deeper look? There’s a reason these guys didn’t get to much additional radio airplay after their pop-rock time spent on the radio. It’s because the rest of their catalogue actually rocks! Don’t believe us? Give this tune a try and get back to us.

POcket Rock It RaDiO

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Stretch - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Why does everyone seem to forget about the Navarro years of RHCP? Sadly this iteration of the band only released one album as a line-up, but gave us some great B-sides and deep cuts. The trippy beat breakdown found towards the end of Stretch is enough to lock you in a musical trance. Where most bands B-sides can be tossed out the Red Hot Chili Peppers tend to shine, and this one is no exception. If you’re a Chili Peppers fan, or new to the group do yourself a favorite and check out their B catalogue.

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So how’d we do? Find something new for your playlist? We hope so. Still if you some how go through these are in need of more might we suggest checking out our 5 Songs for Your Playlist December edition, or our full list of New Song for January you Mr./Mrs. Fancy of the Pants’ies.

We kid… be as picky as you want. We get not everything’s for everyone, and that’s what makes music great. So, did you find a different favorite? Know a song PRIR should be spinning? Have a band and want to become part of The Herd? Leave us a comment below, or send us a message. 

Unlike Corporate radio, and tech overlords we actually want to hear from you.

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