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Tunes from the Record Shop

Suggestions for a deeper musical dive.

We here at PRIR go through A LOT of music to find that special ‘something’ else to broadcast on our airwaves. Yup! There’s actual real people, diving through record stores, picking up weird stuff and listening to it from start to finish to find the next great thing.

But, A lot of what we pick up and go through never graces our airwaves. Either because it just doesn’t “fit” or it’s a strange acquired taste. So we wanted to come up with a way to showcase some of that deeper cut music.

In that spirit we’ve put together our first list of 3 albums we’ve picked up at a real live Record Shop for you to take a deeper look at. 

Who knows, maybe that deep cut we overlooked is actually the favorite song you never knew? So come along with our certifiable music quacks to take a look at what we grabbed from the Record Shop this month as we go on an old school deep cut full album dive for music discovery. 


**Full disclaimer ** Even we don't know what this stuff is going to sound like before we press play.

The Big F - IS

‘Is’ … is our first pick up from the band ‘The Big F’, and we weren’t sure what to expected. It was added to the stash because of the bands name and the weird mushroom art on the cover. Plugging it into the CD player it was originally being recognized as a rap CD, and being from 1993 meant we were settling in for what we expected to be a un-radio friendly mid-90’s Hip Hop album. As track 1 started we were hit with a HARD right turn! The Big F definitely isn’t rap and isn’t exactly mid-90’s grunge. At the same time it’s also not exactly G n’ R hard rock either it lies somewhere in the middle of a few rock genres. We’re sure you’re going to hear one or two from The Big F on the PRIR airwaves in the future, but the album was enough of a surprise that we thought we’d recommend you taking a deeper dive though the tracks.  

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Beans on Toast - Fishing For A Thank You

Picked up exclusively for the strange band name no one knew what we were getting into. If you were guessing a bagged cereal brand British Jack Johnson esk music… we’ll you did better than us and you’ve won yourself a gold star. Still rarely do you find an album that sounds exactly like the cover appears. And as you get into the first few lines of “Microwave popcorn” you realize you knew exactly what this album was going to sound like from the first time you saw it without ever having heard it before … down to the British accent. We’ll have to wait and see how the ‘Beans on Toast’ debate carries out as to whether you’ll hear them on the PRIR or not, but don’t let that stop you from diving into this strange mid-English modern folk album. It’s weird in a good way.

It's not weird that you hear'd it.

It's weird they did not...

Snack Truck - Harpoon

Someone feeling a bit peckish during or record store dive grabbed ‘Snack Truck’ because the bands name spoke to him in that moment. Now we tend to avoid any non-classical music album that features a song with a track title like “Movement Number 1” … things just usually don’t end well. In our defense we didn’t know there was a song named this on the album as there was no track list on the album case. The case just featured some strange art that played second fiddle to the strange music contained with’n its digital lazer engravings. Snack Truck is an eclectic blend of inaudible vocals either from the yelling, or sounding like they were recorded in the other room, and some rather interesting instrument work. The music has an interesting rhythm to it, and some of the instrumentals tracks will keep you engaged throughout. We’re sure this could be someones cup of tea, just not sure who’s ; so we figured we share in case it was yours. 

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There are January’s ALBUMS OF INTEREST! 3 albums from the record shop to act as a musical talcum powder to help sooth your itch for different music. 

Not everything’s going to be for everyone, and not everything’s going to make the airwaves but maybe together we can help each-other find some new music to dig. If you know of an album we should check out, or maybe you have a band and your own album we should check out. Let us know in the comments section. 

If you want to go on your own record shop dive be sure to check out the totally free to you and the stores Record Store Directory over on the Uniting With Music page. 

We’ll catch you after our next record store dive, until then. Stay weird.

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