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10 Songs to kick off the New Year!

Get your year started off right.

There’s a new year coming and it’s been an interesting year to say the least ; but  how do we know the coming year will be any better?

For one you can start by taking charge! 

Grab the bull that is the upcoming year by the horns and tell it who’s boss with the help of PRIR’s 10 Songs to kick off the New Year!

Pocket Rock It Radio has put together 10 songs that are chock full of so much feel good positive energy that you can help but feel… good.

So, count down the final seconds of the year that was ; sing some Old Lang Sai ; and hit play on a set of songs that will have you ready to kick the New Years door down!

Happy New Year!

Excuse us while we pop the top off this year

Don't just knock. Kick the door that is the dawn of the New Year in.

1. Hooked On A Feeling - Blue Swede

Even if the night hasn’t been quite going your way up to this point by the time you get done singing along with Bjorn, and his “Ooga-Chacka’s” you won’t help but be able to feel reborn into a new year. 

2. Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

For track two may we offer up some ELO, and Mr. Blue Sky? This song has got so much feel good it should come with a warning label disclaiming possible euphoric delusion. That’s okay though, as you rock out to this number you’re sure to hit levels of happiness previously only thought to be obtainable at Kool-aid cult meetings, and that’s what we’re aiming for! 

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4 your head.

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3. Ob-La-De , Ob-La-Da - The Beatles

Last year not your year? Well, life rolls on. Drop your guard a little, join in and sing along, and let the music help you forget the worries of last year as you leave them in the past where they belong, and prepare to own the year ahead. 

4. Lost in the rhythm - Jamie Berrie

Look at that! Three songs in and you’re already starting to loosen up. Now it’s time for you to start getting lost in the rhythm of this quick hitting Electro-swing tune from Jamie Berrie, and keep this radically awesome year grooving.

5. Safety Dance - Men Without Hats

If by some odd twist of fate you were still somehow grumping things up, and talking about the stick stuck up your backside. That’s sure to change once the first wave of 80’s synthesizers of this pop-anthem hits your ear holes.

 Don’t fight it! You’ll risk injury with a number this catchy … remember we can dance if we want to.

A real

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Tune in!

6. Eye of the tiger - Survivor

What a musical ride!?! Now that we’re sure you’re either feeling good, or passed out … no judgement. This next track is sure to pop the corn  in your blood-veins to add some extra bounce to yourself for a good while. Hit play! It’s time to get pumped to tackle the world this year.

7. Ballroom Blitz - Sweet

The man in the back said everyone attack, and … it turned into one hell of a songs is what it did do! Do as the song says. Keep the full court blitz on the new year with this number that’s sure to keep things moving in an “own that ship” type of manner.

8. Hold On I'm Coming - Sam & Dave

Last year actually suck that much? Well, here’s the anthem straight from the New Year to you. Let Sam and Dave spread some serious feel good by giving you an equally serious case of the Blues. The New Years on the way, and it’s yours to be had!

9. Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas

As you press play the first chorus of “Oh-ho-ho-ho’s” rain upon you like auditory drops of goodness sent from heaven. The funky goodness of which send a warm case of the tinglies up your back… someone somewhere in ear shot shouts with the joyous disbelief, “Oh’ No! You did not just go there!”. To which we reply “Oh’ Yes! Yes, we totally went there… and we got the freaking T-shirt too!”   

10. Jump Around - House of Pain

You got the feeling? That’s it! You’re there! You and anyone in listening distance is now ready not just for what the new year has to throw at them, so how about one last one. Hit play, and as the trumpets sound do as the beat commands! GET OUT YOUR SEAT AND JUMP AROUND! 

Bonus - It's gonna be alright - Corey Ledet Zydeco

Remember folks, no matter how bad things have been it’s all gonna be alright, and as we’ve discovered in this list music can help improve any situation. No matter how sideways things look at the moment. If things go real sideways then it’s time to add in an accordion, it’s boarder-line impossible to not cheer up when there is an accordion involved. Remember, as Mr. Ledet says “It’s Gonna be alright!” 

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If you still have a stick up your backside by the time you get done with this list you might have a bigger problem then last year.

Cheer up already. You survived last year and with the help of PRIR are poised to own the upcoming year with gusto. Don’t take everything so seriously.

Time to relax and lighten up, this years going to be a good year ; your certifiable music quack said so!

Happy New Year!

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