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10 Different Christmas Songs

The alternative to standard Christmas Fluff

Well folks. It’s here. The time of year we all ask why we listen to what some lady wants for Christmas 800 times a day like no other song exists. We get it… and quite frankly we probably don’t need to hear about it again for a good couple of years.

Is it to much to ask to add some variety to the traditional Christmas playlist!?! The answer we found… Yes, apparently it is! But we can change that! And to do just that PRIR has put together 10 different Christmas songs to plug into your own personal playlist.

Let Us help you find a new classic… or at least just give you a laugh this holiday season with a Christmas song or two you may have never heard before.

Merry Christmas!

A cute cartoon animated Christmas tree adorned with red, blue, yellow ornaments and candy canes. It has a smiley face to imply its sentience, it's holding up a 1980's style ghetto blaster, brand is Phony. The PRIR globe logo sits atop the tree like a star. 10 Different Christmas Songs.

Some Shiny Audio Tinsel!

Here's what you'll be hearing on PRIR this Christmas Season. Tune in to hear them all, or use the list to add some
PRIR spice to your holiday playlist.

Santa Claus and his old lady - Cheech and Chong

Starting off with one you may have come across if you’re a seasoned Christmas music veteran. However, if you’re not let Cheech break down the real life true story of how Santa and his old lady started their commune up in the North Pole. Complete with a little extra magic dust for Santa Claus.

Grandpa got run over by a John Deer - Cletus T. Judd

Sick of Grandma’s plight getting all the mass media attention? Well Cletus and PRIR couldn’t agree more, it’s time for us to gather around the radio and let Grandpa’s ordeal to get the time in the sun it so rightly deserves.

More Ho's than Santa and a City street corner combined!
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Sexy Santa - Steel Panther

This 1980’s glam metal masterpiece circa. 2009 tells a modern tale of Santa complete with hitting the gym, a low carb diet, and he’s now rocking some six pack abs. This song shreds Christmas cheer to one and all, and deserves to be a staple of any Christmas playlist.

Santa Claus is watching you - Ray Stevens

Sure we all know it, but Ray Stevens modern Christmas classic paints an auditory picture so clear you can see the leopard skin seat covers of the big red sleigh itself. Better do right kids cause Santa Claus is watching you!

Carol of the beers - Reel Big Fish

We’ve all heard the original, we’ve all heard that metal orchestra cover, we’ve possibly all heard the Family guy version, but… do you recall… the most rarely played version of all…? No? You don’t? Well then allow us to be the first to introduce you to the Carol of the Beers!

Christmas tree adorned with red, blue, yellow ornaments and candy canes. It has a smiley face to imply its sentience. It's holding up a sign that reads "Good Stuff That Way" with an arrow that's been written with a black sharpie pen, in the tree's other hand is a sharpie marker. The PRIR globe logo sits atop the tree like a star. 10 Different Christmas Songs.

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Santa lost a ho - Paul Rogers

So! With the way this list has been going and with the title of this song you’re brain probably went in a certain direction…. Well! Ye, of little faith. This is a cheerful Jug band take on Santa being 1/3rd off on his Christmas cheer quota, and how he needs to get his groove back before he takes flight… or so we think.

The night Santa went crazy - Weird Al

Never heard of the night Santa went crazy? Well that’s cause the mainstream media, and tech overlords covered it up to help protect the fat-mans image. Luckily! Mr. Al got the scoop, and chronicled the whole ordeal in this catchy Christmas number.

Back door Santa - BB King

This Christmas blues jam is not an unkown, but is a woefully under played almost Christmas classic. Allow Mr. King to raise your holiday spirits by giving you a seriously grooving case of the Christmas blues with his song of Santa Claus level mischief.

Walkin' round in women's underwear - Rob Rivers

Proving that the parody game isn’t just a one man rodeo, Rob Rivers throws his hat in the ring with this take on a Christmas classic . It’s so wrongly catchy we dare you to listen to it, and not accidentally sing this rendition in your head at some-point while your stuck in traffic.

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Christmas in Hollis - Run DMC

This should be a Christmas classic is brought to you by some illin’ guys from Queens, NY. A feel good tale of doing the right thing during the holiday season working out for the best. What better way to spend the holiday season? Remember to do kids ; especially this time of year. Because as Ray Stevens already told you, Santa Clause is watching you.

Some extra X-mas cheer!

Some bonus audio to stuff in your ear stockings!

Christmas All Over - Tom Petty

We know, we know. You’ve probably heard this one before, but call us sentimental. Christmas just wouldn’t quite be complete without Mr. Petty singing an ode to the season of repeats. Afer-all Baby, it’s Christmas ; all over :  Again! 

This tracks good enough to carry the year. Just throw it on repeat.

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If you’ve been playing along as you’ve been reading it means you’ve heard them and now you can’t un-hear them. Be sure to tune into PRIR to hear those almost Christmas classics, plus the other surprises the PRIR staff dig up during the 7 days leading up to Christmas.

That or add them to your own holiday playlist. We won’t judge. You do you. We’re just looking to spread some holiday cheer, and  hopefully we have.

With that we’ll jump in our sleigh and ride of out sight… Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

A picture of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. The Tree is adorned with multi-colored lights on nearly every inch of branch. Toped with a brilliant white star. 10 Different Christmas Songs.

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