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8 Hanukkah Songs
Not By Adam Sandler

Light up your holiday playlist with something different!

Hello, and shalom! It’s that time of year where the gentiles dust of Mr. Buble, and Mrs. Carey. While those celebrating the festival of lights are stuck with Mr. Sandler’s 10th take on a 20+ year old song, or singing the dreidle song. 

How did it get like this? 

Well PRIR says, No More! We’ve got your back this Hanukkah season and are bringing you not one, not two… but eight. Yes! Count them. Eight songs to help put some extra simcha in your festivities. 

So light a candle, fry up some latkes, and enjoy yourself some over-deserved Sandler free holiday tunes.

Happy Hanukkah! 

A cutely animated wooden dreidel break dancing on a piece of cardboard. A boombox sits a front the cardboard. The PRIR globe sticker is on top of the spinner handle. 8 Hanukkah Songs Not By Adam Sandler

Extra auditory light in the musical darkness

Here's some of what you'll be hearing on PRIR this Hanukkah season.

Hanukkah in Santa Monica - Tom Lehrer

Who needs the snow? Look, it’s bad enough you need to listen to those distant relatives judging every aspect of your life over the holidays. Why do it in a cold climate where you’re stuck indoors and can only dream of escape? Mr. Lehrer might be onto something here.

Thank God I'm A Jewish Boy - Allan Lieberman

Is spending the Hanukkah season by your lonesome giving you a case of the December blues? Well, here’s a parody to sing along to that’s sure to put some heybn in your step this holiday season. 

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Chanukah in West Virginia - Scott Simons

You thought you felt alone this Hanukkah season? Fore-shame. Have you imagined what it’d be like if you were in West Virginia this time of year? Exactly! … And if you’re thinking “Hey! I’m from West Virginia!” then here’s one from Scott Simons written especially just for you.  

Hot Rod Hanukkah - Meshugga Beach Party

We know you’ve wondered what it would sound like if some good ol’ Menshes got together and formed a Beach Boys esc rock band. We have to ask though ; have you ever wonder what it’d be like if they released a Hanukkah album? What’s that? Yes? Well, you’re in Luck!  Wonder no more!

Ocho Kandelikas - Chanticleer

Bet you the last sufganiyah you never knew you needed latin bossanova jazz Hanukkah song in your life until now. How did you celebrate the season before the moment you hit play just a second ago? How’d you exist without this in your life? … Sorry. We didn’t mean to rock your reality this hard, but they did. 

A real

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Tune in!

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah - Bare Naked Ladies

The boys of Bare Naked Ladies take a break from their traditional pop rock tones to deliver a more traditional modern Hanukkah folk tune. It’s got the pep to keep your toe tapping throughout, all while you ask yourself the universal question, “Wait…The Bare Naked Ladies are Jewish?”

The little drum machine boy - Beck

Listen in as Beck drops some Hanukkah science on the holiday season with this funky and strangely catchy number. It might not be a classic, but you have to admit it’s significantly better than that other Drummer Boy song that criminally gets more radio play.

Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah - Jules Brookes & Y-Love

May we offer up this funky yidish rapping duo for a replacement to Sandler as the official sound of the Hanukkah season for a few years? This duo drops a beat here that the Doctor himself would be proud of. Press play at a party and just try to fight the urge to break into the Horah… we dare you.

Wait ... OMG! It's a Hanukkah Miracle!

In the spirit of celebrating the lasting miracle of Hanukkah,
PRIR's including the gift of 2 extra bonus tracks.

Bohemian Chanukah - Six13

We’d like to think that this masterfully executed parody of the classic Queen rock opera delivers a legendary and over the top majesty of a song, that in some way makes up for the Hanukkah season getting overlooked by the music industry all these years.

Happy Epic Chanukah - Rachel Bloom

Looking for a guitar shredding epic Hanukkah holiday tune telling the tale of the Bearded man all good Jews wait for on the first night of Hanukkah. NO! Not Santa you nudnik! It’s the OG bearded man himself… God. 

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Look at that! You came for 8 Hanukkah Songs Not By Adam Sandler, and received 10 Sandler free Hanukkah tracks. We’re not to say you can’t still enjoy Mr. Sandler, but like a Jewish Santa we all know he’s out there. Tune into PRIR to hear these, and other holiday tunes this Hanukkah season.

Or, just add them to your own holiday playlist. You do you, we won’t judge. We’re just happy to spread some extra cheer this Hanukkah season. 

Chag Sameach to you and yours from PRIR. Have a happy and healthy Hanukkah!

A cutely animated wooden dreidel spinning on break dance cardboard with a boom box in front. It's hands a feet are tucked into it's body. 8 Hanukkah Songs Not By Adam Sandler

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