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5 New Songs For Your Playlist

Part I
Add some real variety to your playlists

Feel like the Tech overlords just don’t get you? Want to hear something new? Well, each month PRIR adds over 40 new tracks to the our rotation, and we’ve selected 5 songs from the full list of songs for December to help you spice up your playlist.

Not every song will be a ‘new release’, some you may have heard of before. Be sure to check in each month the community pool that makes up the world of music has one heck of a deep end, and PRIR’s going to keep jumping in until we touch the bottom.

Got a suggestion? Let us know in the comments section!

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I'm dreaming of a white noise audio track

Tis' the December season, and it's hard not to.
Especially if you've listened to commercial radio lately.

Hang On Girl - Favourite Sons

Favourite Sons was an indie rock band out of Brooklyn, NY that most missed out on. They released their first EP, and toured England with having just played 10 official shows prior. The song ‘Hang On Girl’ went on to be released on a number of different music samplers, and while it rocks didn’t get much radio airplay.

Calistan - Frank Black

Not exactly sure where or what Calistan is, but this melodic rock track paints a picture perfect musical image of a sunbaked Southern California road trip.  The entire Teenager of the year album is worth a listen if you’re looking for a deeper dive yourself.

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We're Gunna Take On The World - Mustard Plug

Mustard Plug is never one to take themselves to seriously. In this number they embrace their underground sub-culture with lines like “And even though we really sucked ; We kept it up, didn’t give a fuck”. Hit play on this feel good anthem and take on the world with Mustard Plug. 

Lucky Winner - Craig Richey

Craig Richey’s contribution to ‘The King of Kong – A Fistful of Quarters’ soundtrack Lucky Winner features a catchy hook, and some Jack Johnson level smooth vocals. It’s a different beat but we bet you find yourself tapping your toe by the end.

LikE WhaT yOU hEAr?

wE liKe yOU tOO!

The Feeder - Dishwalla

A number of hit singles you’ve probably heard before came off this album. The Feeder is a hard rocking deep cut that for reasons we can’t figure out got the cold shoulder from radio airwaves. Time to correct a wrong.

mOrE fEEd
4 yOuR hEAD...

Man! We know it’s just a “catch all” list not a “best of”, but having to only pick 5 tracks out of all the great tunes we’ve added this month is a lot like asking which toe you’d rather not have to cut off. Be sure to keep listening to PRIR to hear all of the new additions.

If you have a suggestion or know of a song we don’t play that should be added into the rotation let know in the comments section below. If we agree we’ll put it on the air, and thank you publicly for the referral. 

Until next time, keep being the alternative to the norm!

Looking for even more? Check out 5 New Songs For Your Playlist – Part II

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