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5 Thanksgiving Movies

To help you strut your stuffing

Can you smell it? The season’ing in the air… Thanksgiving is upon us! The official starting line for that magical time of year where regardless of your background, race, social standing, religion or ethnicity we all universally decide to run the gauntlet of visiting those we love enough to keep at arms length for the other 10.75 months of the year. And we at PRIR thought that was reason to celebrate! 

To do just that we thought we’d show the season that usually gets overlooked some extra love, and put together a movie marathon to help make together time a bit more bearable. Here’s 5 Thanksgiving movies to throw on between football and fill that void of awkward silence until those you love go home until next year.

A bubbly animated Turkey holding a white sign on a stick, the sign features the PRIR globe logo. The turkey has orange, red , and tan tail feathers. It's body is brown. 5 Thanksgiving Movies

5 Thanksgiving Movies

To Rock Your Turkey Holiday


MST3k - Teenage Crime Wave

Tune in and join Mike, Crow, and Tom Servo for some good old school ripping on the not so cult classic ‘Teen-age Crime Wave’. A movie from 1955 that features some “teenagers” taking an elderly couple, and their farm house hostage on Thanksgiving day. If you’re new to MST3k, you’re welcome.

Season 5 ; Episode 24

Adams Family Values

We know what you’re thinking, Adams Family falls more under the Halloween genre. But why does a good thing have to get type cast to one particular season just because of appearances?  We’d like to argue that this should be a turkey day staple, the camp play scene is so good it might just change you to our way of thinking. Still don’t think so? May we offer the words of Pugsley Adams… Eat me! [If you don’t get the reference then you didn’t give it a shot]



Spider Man [2002]

The Spider Man that brought the web-slinger to the big screen is sure to brighten up your Thanksgiving season. Having everything from a traditional Thanksgiving day checklist down to a Macy’s day parade brawl, and a Turkey dinner with perhaps as much tension as your own ; how could it not be included on this list?


Ed O’Neil plays Dutch a working class Joe offers to take a road trip to pick up his well-to-do girlfriend’s teenage son from the preparatory school he attends to bring him home for Thanksgiving. We’re not saying it’s one of the best films ever made, but the film should be better known than it is. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this lesser known Thanksgiving cult classic.



Son-in Law

Son In Law stars Pauly Shore as Crawl a college resident advisor who is invited to spend Thanksgiving with Rebecca’s family after she discovers he would be spending the holiday alone. It’s a classic tale of child goes off to college and returns home wildly different with a tattoo and an uninvited stranger for the holidays. Enjoy.

So there you have it. 5 Thanksgiving movies to help put some extra Turkey in your Turkey day.
PRIR may not be known for movies, but we know what doesn’t suck. Thanks for listening to PRIR, and giving this a once over.

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