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12 Thanksgiving Songs

To put some extra gravy in your Turkey Holiday step.

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where the corporations pretend like one of the best holidays ever dreamt up doesn’t exist. Time to take matters into your own hands… or allow PRIR to rock your ear holes this holiday season.

Tell them to stuff it!. They’ve got all December to market overpriced poorly built junk for the fat man to stuff under your tree. This time is yours! Let PRIR help you take control of the season with this fine list of 12 Thanksgiving songs.

Happy Turkey Season!

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List O' Thanksgiving Songs

Here's what you'll be hearing on PRIR this Turkey Season.
Tune in... or make your own playlist. 
Your call. we provide the tracks. You do you.
[Shoehorn may be required]

The Thanksgiving Song - Adam Sandler

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know. Nothing ground breaking here, and it’s chock full of out of date cultural references. But… the songs pretty much a seasonal classic at this point, and we figured we’d get this list kicked off with something easy and familiar before asking you to stretch your imagination.

Dinner Bell - They Might Be Giants

Dinner bell by The Might Be Gaints is an anthem for those saving their appetite for the Turkey day main event. You know who you are. Sitting there with your stomachs grumbling even though you’ve read  somewhere on the internet that fasting before a meal means you consume less during the meal ahead. But what do they know?

Knives Out - Radiohead

Ok… might be a stretch, but it’s hard not to think that the title of this song inspires a Viking like fueled image of how your about to behave when that Turkey Day dinner bell rings… which brings us to our last song ; weird.

Nicotine & Gravy - Beck

Depending on your age this song subject matter might take you on a childhood time warp that may or may not result in some decent memories from your youth. If your not that old your in luck! The tunes not intended for the older sentimental crowd.

Sailors in Your Mouth - The National

If you’ve watched Bob’s Burgers you know. If you haven’t you don’t. The TV show has adopted the Thanksgiving holiday much in the way the old TV shows adopted the Christmas season. While there are number of turkey obsessed tracks we could go with from Bob’s Burgers, ‘Sailors in your mouth’ is a trippy ode’ to Thanksgiving that fits the moment like a new pair of socks. Gravy coma here we come!

Cooking Up Something Good - Mar Demarco

Okay. Not exactly a song about cooking up some Turkey dinner, but with a line like “Momma’s in the kitchen cooking up something good” ; and how slow time moves. It’s hard not to imagine the smells coming from the kitchen on turkey day, and the pains that come from waiting for that later than usual Turkey Day lunch time. So, we’ll allow it. Just like in real life though… ignore what Daddy’s cooking up in the basement.

Talking Turkey - Electric Six

What better time to talk turkey than Turkey season! Electric Six’s Talking Turkey might not be talking about the type of turkey we’re turkey talking about, but with the Happy Thanksgiving outro ; and the fact they didn’t forget the gravy this time :   means this track should be part of any properly balanced Thanksgiving playlist. 

Young Pilgrim - The Shins

We’re not quite sure what’s going on here, but can’t help but imagine watching the eloquent Young Pilgrims go by like a participant in The City’s Thanksgiving day parade kind of reminds you where this whole day got started. [Yeah it’s a run on sentence… wuchya gonna do about ?)

Brown Sugar - Rolling Stones

Not the song we need, but the song the un-sung hero of Thanksgiving dinner deserves. If the Turkey’s the quarterback of the Thanksgiving dinner football club then Brown Sugar would be the offensive line. Sweet potato… pies… and more. Where would we be without this sweet molassesy deliciousness.  

Custard Pie - Led Zeppelin

Thanksgiving wouldn’t quite be complete without some delicious pie to end the glutinous festivities, and Led Zeppelin delivers up some tasty licks in this ode’ to Pie of a track.  
Sure you might be stuffed, but it’s a day of decadence so why not indulge yourself? It’s not like any of us are actually going to step onto a scale until January 2nd. 

Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie

Playing every 4 hours.
Thanksgiving Day ONLY!

This Thanksgiving classic is a rambling Thanksgiving holiday odyssey with more twists and turns than … well, a movie with quite a few twists and turns.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of making the legendary Mr. Guthrie’s musical acquaintance let it be our pleasure to introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend. Sure it’s 20 minutes long, but it’s so good we’d leave it on repeat if we could. Do yourself a favor just hit play, kick back, and enjoy yourself as you listen to this classic holiday story.

The Best Thanksgiving Ever - The Dead Milkmen

Playing every 6 hours. 
Thanksgiving Day ONLY!

Known for their hard rocking punk rock tunes The Dead Milkmen deliver a heartfelt humor filled recount of “The Best Thanksgiving Ever”. What unfolds is a retelling of the coming of age tale as old as time… escaping the dreaded kids table. Strap yourself in. It’s a fun ride! 

Sorry Kids. 
You can listen to it on PRIR, youtube,
or grab a physical copy.
We couldn't find it digitally.

Honorable Mentions: [A.K.A - Some leftovers]

Tracks that you can't buy, but can listen to on youtube so here you go.

Turkey Murder - Jeremy Shane

This humorous track by Jeremy Shane gives a solid recount of the history of the magical Turkey Day holiday with a strangely catchy beat. They do it all while still calling it like it is. The tracks a little on the dark humor side of the comedic train tracks, but we laughed.

U Can't Stuff This - MC Turkey

We’re not sure who to credit for this catchy track to so we’ll just call him MC Turkey. Here’s a classic parody of MC Hammers ‘Can’t touch this” straight from the bird himself to you, me, & the farmer. 

There you go! You’ll be hearing these tracks sprinkled about PRIR’s schedule in the coming days to do our part to help keep the sleigh bells at bay until their respected time. PRIR’s celebrating one holiday season at a time. Happy Thanksgiving All!

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